Exhaust Repair

Superior Exhaust Repair and Replacement Services

Expert Exhaust Technicians With Years of Experience

At Anker's Auto Service, when inspecting your vehicle and exhaust system, our experienced technicians will determine if a repair can be made prior to providing you with a FREE estimate on its replacement. You know your vehicle best - if you notice any of the below-mentioned signs, call us immediately!

Signs That Your Vehicle Has an Exhaust Problem

  • Deep or loud rumbling sound
  • Altered vehicle performance upon startup
  • Vibration
  • Loss of power during car operation
  • Increased fuel use
  • Exhaust leak
  • Reduced acceleration
  • Sulfur smell inside your vehicle
  • Black smoke coming from the muffler
Ignoring the signs your vehicle is giving to let you know something isn't working right can be a costly mistake. Don't wait until you have to replace. Visit us at 1907 Van Vranken Avenue for your exhaust repair today!

We Can Build Your Car's Exhaust System

We have a special pipe bending machine that allows us to patch your broken exhaust or create a brand-new exhaust in our auto shop. Call us immediately, if you are experiencing signs of an exhaust problem!
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"Dave Anker is an excellent mechanic, service is excellent and I have been taking my cars there for almost 30 years. I highly recommend Anker's Auto."

- Bob
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